Who is Atigun Capital Partners? 

We are a private equity firm focused on delivering both capital and business acumen to significantly grow healthcare businesses into regional/national players.

What is our Approach to Growth? 

Atigun invests equity capital, primarily sourced from family offices that share our investment philosophy, to provide partial liquidity to business owners and growth capital to fund expansion.

  • We tap our broad network of operating partners to help support driven management teams with additional operating experience and perspectives. Often these operators will serve alongside Atigun as board members of our portfolio companies.

What is Atigun’s Value-Add? 

We work tirelessly in partnership with management to build equity value.

  • We help our teams grow revenue, replicate businesses across new geographies, develop strategic operating plans, build dashboards that enable metric driven decisions, improve sales and marketing effectiveness, and create back office efficiencies.
  • We are skilled at positioning management teams to operate larger, multi-site healthcare services companies. We help our CEOs augment their teams with quality C-level operators.

What is our Healthcare Philosophy? 

We believe that delivering stellar outcomes to patients should be our foremost priority followed by driving value in the form of lower costs and higher satisfaction for the key constituents: government and commercial payors, employers and patients. This two-pronged goal of quality and value is critical in today’s healthcare system and we look for operating models that create this alignment.